Muotobetoni designer Renata Jakowleff wins prestigious Ornamo Award. According to journalist Sami Sykkö, who selected this year’s winner, society needs visionaries like Jakowleff who have the ability to bring change and fresh thinking to traditional industries. https://www.ornamo.fi/en/press-release/glass-artist-renata-jakowleff-wins-prestigious-ornamo-award/
So proud to present our first Muotobetoni case ever. Fold patterned elements are now elevated in Kangas new housing area, in Jväskylä city by YIT. Lighting solution to elevate the 3d shape by lighting engineer Mikko Maunula. www3.jkl.fi/blogit/kangasjyvaskyla/
Muotobetoni featured in Ornamo magazine 3/17. https://www.ornamo.fi/fi/ornamon-lehti/
Muotobetoni featured in Parma magazine http://www.parma.fi/asiakaslehti/parma-lehti-1-2017
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