Formconcrete, Muotobetoni, is a new, patented technique to alter the appearance of concrete surfaces. Usable for precast element industry,  our technique will give you the opportunity to signature your concrete facades and structures through three dimensional forms and surface textures.
Usable for producing both out and indoor concrete structures, Muotobetoni suits residential and office buildings as well as infrastructural entities.
Matt and poreless, Muotobetoni surfaces are suitable for use fair-faced, or combined with any finishing methods suitable for concrete.
Appearance of our 3d designs can be further altered using textures. Combining textures and deep three dimensional shapes, Muotobetoni will give a strong visual effect from any distance.
Muotobetoni was invented by designer Renata Jakowleff as a result of her admiration of concrete’s plastic nature and has been developed in co-operation with the Finnish concrete production and consult companies Parma Oy and Betoniviidakko Oy.
Done on the reverse side, Muotobetoni technique enables two-sided finishes on precast slabs. Due to our new molding system, designs can be flexibly altered from element to element.
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